Reply To: Zavio F3115 Sound issue


I checked the camera settings, and in the General tab of System Settings, I have “Enable Audio on Active Channel” checked, but what’s odd is that the Default Channel says “(Not Used)”. Maybe that’s because I only have one camera? When I look at the Camera Settings (right click in the main console), the Audio section is grayed out. Also, when I go to the camera tab of the settings menu, then hit the config button at the top to setup the camera, down at the bottom in Description, it gives the Audio Codec as N/A. Strange, but what’s really strange as I mentioned in my original post is that if I go to the Stream Profile Setting for the camera, I can hear the sound. Do I need to have something else checked somewhere that I’m missing?

I haven’t tried reducing the resolution on the camera yet, but will try it soon.

Thanks for your help, James.