BIPRO-EC550VF CCTV Camera Dip Switch Settings

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer costumer contacted us with the following question: Is there a general starting place for these switches on the BIPRO-EC550VF CCTV Camera? How would they generally be set for outdoor use? I think I understand what they mean other than Back Light Compensation, Flicker Less and mirror. Please get me started, I have a lot of these to install.

    Here are the definitions and recommended default dip switch settings for this the BIPRO-EC550VF IR CCTV camera:

    1. BLC Back Light Compensation

    Definition: Back light compensation. A function of the camera that compensates for excessive light directed at the camera causing the video to bloom or causing the images in front of the light to be unusable.

    ON (Default): Activity BLC

    OFF: No BLC

  • ALC/ELC Auto Light Compensation

  • Definition: Photometric control, measures light intensity. Determines the iris reaction sensitivity. Sensitivity is increased when the potentiometer is turned towards PEAK, and decreased when turned towards AVERAGE

    OFF (Default): ALC / It is for Auto DC IRIS Vari-focal Lens

    ON: ELC / It is for our board lens or manual Vari-focal Lens

  • FLK Flicker less
  • ON: 50Hz

    OFF (Default) : 60Hz

  • AGC Auto Gain Control
  • Definition: Automatic Gain Control, an electronic circuit that amplifies the video signal when the strength of the signal falls below a given value

    ON (Default): Max

    OFF: Min

  • Mirror On/Off
  • ON: Mirror

    OFF (Default): None

  • Time Hold Mode (ON: 5 sec. Off: 10 Sec)
  • Definition: Delay time for LED ON/OFF

    ON (Default): LED ON/OFF after 5 Seconds

    OFF: LED ON/OFF after 10 Seconds

  • Sensitivity CDS Sensor Level Control
  • ON: LED ON at 1 Lux, LED OFF at 5 Lux.

    OFF (Default): LED ON at 2 Lux, LED OFF at 4 Lux.

  • DC IRIS Lens Level
  • It is operation for IRIS manually and setting by MFG (Recommend: Dont Changed)

  • IR LED Level
  • MAX (Default): IR LED is to bright

    MIN: IR LED is to faint

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