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    James Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros offers a free DNS service with our iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs. It is known as DDNS, which stands for dynamic domain name service. A DDNS hostname / address acts as a substitute for a static IP address. Here is a transcript from a recent customer that we helped.

    Question from customer:

    We just purchased this 4 camera security camera system from you.

    What would be better for our ISP connection – static or dynamic IP address? The ISP keeps offering us a static IP.

    We don’t want to have to reconfigure the DVR every time there is a power outage – we need it to come back automatically after an outage completely operational and remotely accessible.

    CCTV Camera Pros Response:

    Great questions. Being that the iDVR-PRO has a built-in FREE DDNS service, you do not need to upgrade to a static IP address. Using the built in DNS service it will save you a good amount of money as static IP addresses are pretty expensive.

    To learn more about the DDNS service built into your iDVR-PRO, please visit this page.

    Here is a screenshot of the setup screen on iDVR-PRO CCTV AHD hybrid DVRs.
    Free DNS for CCTV DVR

    If you have any questions about this post or anything else related to security camera systems, please email me at

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by Mike Haldas.
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