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    Hi folks any help would be much appreciated.
    My mum has a JPEG 2000 standalone DVR 8 camera/channel system for
    her business.The hard drive(which is only 250gb)used to record
    around 5 days of footage but has started only going back as far as
    about 24 hours or less.
    I have tried clearing the drive and setting the system to default
    settings but it doesn’t help!
    Do you have any idea what could be causing this?I thought at first
    a failing hard rive but wouldn’t it not record/play at all if that
    were the case?
    The CD-RW has trouble reading a lot of discs too but does read some.
    She would like a new system as it is fairly old but if it can be
    fixed that would be great?
    Could you please tell me if we can still buy a JPEG 2000
    standalone.She would like the same one although I have told her she
    will probably have to get one without the cd-rw and with a USB back
    Any help/advice would be much appreciated as her business’s
    security is quite vulnerable at the moment.
    Thank you.Kind regards.

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    Mike Haldas

    Hello Modo,

    Can you please follow theses instructions and provide me with the resolution the DVR is set to?

    Also in regards to purchasing a JPEG DVR, unfortunately the JPEG DVRs have been discontinued for several years now. Here is a link to our iDVR-E8 which does not have a DVD burner however you can use a External DVD burner or you can backup via USB thumb drive –

    Thanks James


    Hi there
    I will get the settings you ask for and report back.I should add that I am in the UK.
    While that system looks great it’s a bit out of her current budget.I am hoping that a new HDD could possibly fix things?
    There is the system on ebay although it is unbranded so I’m not sure how good the quality will be.Could you offer any opinions on it please?


    Hi JCHaldas,
    I can’t see any instructions on how to get the resolution settings?Thank you.

    Mike Haldas

    Sorry I forgot to send the link. Please see the following —

    Thank You

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