iDVR-PRO Video Surveillance DVR Record and Playback

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently asked us the following questions about the iDVR-PRO CCTV video surveillance DVR record and playback features:

    How do I select the 5 different levels of recording quality? Click menu, then select Record Setup. Then on the left hand side go to the second box which should say- Continuous/Motion Recording. There you will be able to select the recording quality for each channel.

    How can you see how much disk space is currently being used by the DVRs recorded video? Unfortunately there is no way of viewing this.

    How do you burn and playback a DVD? First using your mouse select the Archive button on the bottom of your screen (it should be just to the right of the Menu button). Go to new archiving. Then click each desired channel. Be sure to press the query button before selecting burn and enter the TAG name. Then select burn after entering the TAG name. ( Make sure there is a blank disc in the drive before burning). A screen will appear and show the progress of the burning.

    How do I playback the video on the burned disc?First insert the burned disc into PC disc drive. A autoplay window should appear on your screen, go down to General Options and click on "Open folders to view folders using windows explorer".Then double-click the Archive folder. You will then see a list of files. Double-click the one titled BackupPlayer.exe. A media player will appear. In the bottom right corner you will see a folder icon. Click that and once the window appears double-click the camera you wish to view. A notice may appear saying Checking the watermark? Choose Yes and once that finishes your video will begin to play.

    Is there a player to playback exported surveillance video on Mac computers? Unfortunately there is not a player as of now to view playback video on a MAC computer.

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