iPhone, iPad, and Mac DVR Viewer App for iDVR-E4 Surveillance DVR

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    Mike Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros received the following questions from a customer in Italy that is interested in the iDVR for use with iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers:

    Hello, I'm interested in iDVR-E4 surveillance DVR.

    I need to watch my pre-existing 4 bnc samsung analog color cameras on a new iPad and iPhone4, mostly via internet (ADSL and also 3G). I also use Mac computers. I would like to use DVR viewer apps for all of these platforms to view live surveillance video and playing back recordings.

    I found your interesting video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7krWHywJ44&feature=relmfu

    I installed the app MobileCMS HD Lite for iPad.

    1. Is this the correct application? The $9.99 pro version is suggested or required? What's the difference?

    >> The Pro version of the iPhone and iPad app allows you to connect to an unlimited number of DVRs. The pro app also allows you to perform playback of recorded video from your iPhone and iPad. The free version supports up to 2 DVRs and only supports live remote viewing (no playback).

  • Is it possible to have some parameters (IP, username and password) for a test connection, to verify the picture quality? I want to check from my DSL at home, and also at 3G speed.

    >> Yes, I will send you demo login information for the iDVR in an email so that you can login and see how great it works.

  • From my MAC computer, can I access to the dvr to playback the recorded surveillance video from remotely over the Internet?
  • >> Yes, the iDVR-E series and iDVR-RT16 includes Mac DVR viewer software that lets you view live video, playback recorded video, and make configuration changes to your surveillance DVR. You can download the Mac DVR viewer software and all of the mobile surveillance apps here:


  • From iPad and iPhone is possible only to see live images, not playback, is this correct?
  • >> Playback works from iPhone and iPad apps with the paid version of the MobileCMS app.

  • Do you sell and send your products in Italy (payment by credit card)
  • >> Yes, we ship our products worldwide. We accept bank transfer and credit card payments via Google Checkout.

  • Additional costs for the transport of the iDVR-E4 to Italy?
  • >> We ship to Italy using DHL and can provide a complete quote including freight costs for you. Please let us know if you would like a formal quote that includes overseas shipping.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

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