Need a help for IP Camera!

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    I have a big problem with Chinese IP Camera SunEyes model SP-FQ01. I bought 8 (eight) cams of this model for inside surveillance in our factory, but the manufacturer "forgot" to inform me that he don't provide Linux-software for those cams. In our factory is not allowed to use Windows or Mac and this is very big problem…

    Now I try to view stream-url of those cams, because I have to create web-based system for surveillance and video-storage, but without stream url for video-stream I'm not able to make anything…

    I will be very thankful, if anybody know more about these cams and if can help me to find/view video-stream url… If need tests, I'm ready to provide IP address of one of the cams…

    Thank you in advance!



    You had better ask your supplier to solve this problem for you.



    Dear OmniSan

    Did you get an answer from supplier for SP-Fq01 problem?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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