Which Security Cameras are Compatible with Swann DVR?

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    Mike Haldas

    I bought a Swann SWDVK-880758-CL security camera / DVR system from Costco a couple years ago. The cameras that were included with the system are just ok and I would like a better resolution camera for the front of my garage. I want a camera with a wide angle lens – ideally 180 degree.

    Do you know which cameras are compatible with Swann CCTV DVRs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I received this question this morning from a customer. Below is the information that I provided. I also recently wrote this Swann DVR Camera Compatibility Guide.

    The DVR included with that Swann surveillance system is the DVR8-8075.

    That particular DVR is compatible with HD-TVI type security cameras. We have a log of great 1080p HD-TVI cameras available.

    Our best selling ultra wide angle lens cameras work with that DVR.

    Swann DVR Compatible Security Camera
    This 180 degree dome security camera is a great option.

    Swann DVR Compatible HD-TVI CCTV Camera

    This is another 180 degree camera in a bullet body style.

    Both of the above models have built-in infrared LEDs, so they work in normal, low light, and zero light. Both models can be used for indoor and outdoor installations.

    You can find additional compatible cameras on this page. The above options are the only ones with 180 lenses though.

    Please note that not all Swann DVRs are compatible with HD-TVI cameras.

    If you are reading this post and need help figuring out what types of cameras are compatible with your DVR, please feel free to email me here: mike@cctvcamerapros.net.

    Please include the model # of your DVR. This is typically located on a sticker on the back of the DVR.

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    Mike Haldas

    Another customer recently contacted me asking about Swann camera compatibility. This is what he asked.

    I installed a Swann “Security in a Box” surveillance system about 5 years ago. The system has 4 Pro-640 cameras and a Swann H.264 DVR. Everything worked perfectly until a month ago when a camera went out, and a second camera has started providing a hazy picture. Since PRO-640 replacement cameras aren’t available, I bought an SWPRO-735 camera online after the seller assured me it would work with my H.264 DVR. It doesn’t.

    I’m willing to purchase new cameras, even a complete 4-8 camera system, but I want to be sure the existing Swann cable and BNC connectors will be compatible with the new cameras. The wiring took me a week to install inconspicuously using metal channels. Pulling the old wire out and threading in new would be impossible.

    Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    This was my recommendation.

    Those Swann Pro-640 cameras are standard definition analog CCTV cameras, so is that H.264 DVR that was sold with those systems that were typically sold at Costco and Sam’s Club. That DVR is only compatible with standard resolution analog CCTV cameras.

    What I recommend to customers in your situation is our 4-in-1 HD security cameras. They support standard definition analog CCTV mode. So, they will work with your existing DVR. But, they also support 1080p HD modes in AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI formats.

    This is convenient if you later upgrade to a high definition DVR, they will still work. You can later switch them to 1080p HD resolution using the small joystick that is attached to their video cable.

    We have a bunch of 4-in-1 HD security cameras available here.

    They will work with your existing Swann security camera cables.

    You can later upgrade to an AHD DVR like these and switch the cameras to AHD 1080p mode.

    Here are some of my best selling 4-in-1 cameras that Swann customers really like.

    I do recommend that you test the 1080p mode with your existing cable when you are ready to make the switch because the 1080p modes require better cable than analog mode.

    Please take a look and let me know what you think. Please send any questions. I can be reached at mike@cctvcamerapros.net

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