Swann DVR Camera Compatibility Guide

This Swann DVR camera compatibility guide helps customers find replacement security cameras that work with Swann surveillance systems. The guide and FAQ is also helpful if you are looking for a replacement DVR that works with Swann cameras.

What the above video to hear Mike talk about Viewtron security camera DVRs, the best replacement DVR for Swann security cameras. You can email me here anytime if you have questions.

DVR BNC Security Camera
This guide is for Swann DVRs that use hard wired security cameras via coax cable and BNC connectors. You can see what BNC video inputs looks like on the back of a DVR in the above image. Network video recorders (NVRs) will not be covered in this guide. I will write a Swann NVR / IP camera compatibility guide in the future.

Hybrid Security Camera DVRs

bnc security camera DVRs

For people that want to skip right to the solution, these Viewtron hybrid BNC DVRs is what is I highly recommend as a replacement DVR for any Swann BNC system. If you want to learn more about Swann compatibility, please continue reading below. Viewtron DVRs are the best security camera DVRs that we supply.

view security cameras remotely

Customers love the remote security camera viewing apps and software that is included with Viewtron DVRs. Viewtron has some of the very best iPhone and Android apps. The Mac and Windows DVR viewer software is also outstanding. Click here to learn more and watch video demos of the remote camera viewing apps and software.

Swann Security Camera DVR Compatibility

Swann DVR camera compatibility is categorized below according to the video format (camera type) that each DVR model supports. Some DVRs support more than one type which is why some DVRs are listed in more than one category. DVRs that are compatible with more than one video surveillance format are known as hybrid DVRs.

We also have the Swann camera DVR compatibility guide here in PDF format.

Please note that Swann typically uses the following product code prefixes to note their 4ch, 8ch, and 16ch DVR models: DVR4-, DVR8-, and DVR16-.

1080p AHD Cameras (Analog HD)

The following Swann DVR models are compatible with these 1080p AHD cameras.

  • DVR-4500
  • DVR-4600
  • DVR-4480
  • DVR-4550 – DVR4-4550, DVR8-4550, DVR16-4550
  • DVR-4575 – DVR4-4575, DVR8-4575, DVR16-4575
  • DVR-4580 – DVR4-4580, DVR8-4580, DVR16-4580
  • DVR-5000

AHD cameras are available in the following types: bullet / lipstick cameras, dome cameras, box cameras, hidden spy cameras, PTZ cameras, 180 Degree cameras, motorized zoom cameras, elevator cameras, and LPR camera. Please check the specification on each camera to see if the camera supports IR night vision and if it can be used indoors only, or indoor / outdoor.

720p AHD Cameras

These Swann DVRs only work analog CCTV (CVBS) and 720p AHD cameras. They do not work with 1080p AHD cameras.

  • DVR-4400
  • DVR-1580, DVR8-1580

1080p HD-TVI Cameras

These Swann DVRs are compatible with these 1080p HD-TVI cameras.

  • DVR-4480
  • DVR-4500 (also known as models: SRDVR-84500T)
  • DVR-4550
  • DVR-4575
  • DVR-4750 (also known as models: DVR8-4750, DVR4-4750, 84750, 44750)
  • DVR4-4680, DVR8-4680, DVR16-4680 DVR8-4680A, DVR16-4680A DVR4-4680RN, DVR8-4680RN, DVR16-4680RN
  • DVR-5000

HD-TVI cameras are available in the following types: bullet / lipstick cameras, dome cameras, hidden spy cameras, motorized zoom cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, and 180 security cameras. Please check the specification on each camera to see if the camera supports infrared night vision and if it can be used indoors only, or indoor / outdoor.

5 Megapixel Cameras

The following Swann DVR models are compatible with these 5mp security cameras.

  • DVR-4900
  • DVR-4980
  • DVR-5580 – (DVR8-5580, DVR16-5580)

8 Megapixel / 4K Cameras

The following Swann DVR models are compatible with these 4K security cameras.

  • DVR-5580 – (DVR8-5580, DVR16-5580)

Please note that the Swann DVR-5580 recorder also works with 5mp, 1080p / 2mp and 720p BNC cameras.

Analog CCTV Cameras / 960H DVRs

These Swann DVRs are compatible with these analog CCTV cameras. However, CCTV Camera Pros highly recommend our hybrid analog / HD security cameras if you see one that you like. Our hybrid cameras work with Swann analog CCTV DVRs, and also with the latest HD surveillance DVRs. So, if you upgrade your DVR later, you can still use these cameras by switching them to HD video mode.

  • DVR-1000
  • DVR-1200, DVR4-1200, DVR8-1200, DVR16-1200
  • DVR-1260, DVR4-1260, DVR8-1260, DVR16-1260
  • DVR-1425
  • DVR-1500, DVR4-1500, DVR8-1500, DVR16-1500
  • DVR-1525
  • DVR-2250
  • DVR-2550, DVR4-2550, DVR8-2550, DVR16-2550
  • DVR-2800, DVR4-2800, DVR8-2800, DVR16-2800
  • DVR-2900
  • DVR-3000
  • DVR-3200
  • DVR-3250 – SWDVR-83425H, DVR8-3425, DVR16-3425, DVR4-3425
  • DVR-3425
  • DVR-3450
  • DVR-4000
  • DVR-4100
  • DVR-4150
  • DVR-4200

Analog CCTV cameras are available in the following types: infrared cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, box cameras, PTZ cameras, elevator cameras. Please check the specification on each camera page to see if it supports infrared night vision and whether it can be used indoors only or if it is weatherproof for indoor / outdoor installation.

Swann Replacement DVR

If you are looking for a replacement DVR with Swann camera compatibility, I highly recommend these Viewtron hybrid CCTV / HD security camera DVRs. It is compatible with most Swann security cameras including D1, 960H, analog CCTV, AHD, and HD-TVI models. These DVRs are also compatible with the latest 4mp security cameras and 8mp / 4K security cameras. You can even add Viewtron network IP cameras to these DVRs if you like.

hybrid security camera DVR

In addition to being highly compatible with just about every surveillance video format, Viewtron DVRs have an extremely easy to use interface. You can watch a demo video here. You can watch many more Viewtron surveillance system video demos here.

security camera iPhone app

This is a snapshot if the remote camera viewing app for iPhone. Viewtron DVRs and NVRs include some of the best remote viewing security camera apps and software available.

Swann DVR Camera Compatibility FAQ

  1. What type of cable is used to connect a CCTV camera to a Swann DVR?
    Analog CCTV cameras and HD-over-Coax security cameras (AHD and HD-TVI) can be wired to Swann DVRs using pre-made BNC camera cable or by custom cutting cable from a spool of RG59 Siamese.
  2. Can I extend the length of the cables that were included with my Swann system?
    Yes, you can extend the distance of cables included with Swann DVR systems by using a female to female BNC connector to connect an additional security camera cable. Please note that pre-made cables are more limited in the total distance they can be run. In my experience, you can not run pre-made cables longer than 200-250 feet max.
  3. How can I connect my Swann camera directly to a TV?
    If you are using an analog HD (AHD) or HD-TVI format Swann security camera, you can use this BNC to HDMI converter.
  4. Can I split the video signal of my Swann camera so that I can connect it to two devices?
    Yes, CCTV camera splitters are available to share the video signal from one camera with multiple devices. Video amplifiers are also available on that page that can boost the video signal of security cameras that use RG59 cable.
  5. Can I use CAT-5 or CAT-6 network cable to wire Swann CCTV cameras?
    Yes, video baluns can be used to wire CCTV cameras and HD-over-Coax security cameras using CAT-5 cable. If you are using AHD or HD-TVI format cameras, please take a look at this page for HD-TVI baluns. They also work with AHD cameras.
  6. Do you sell CCTV junction boxes that work with Swann cameras?
    Yes. Our universal junction box for security cameras works great with our Viewtron IP cameras, Viewtron CCTV cameras, and Swann cameras. They actually work with most cameras on the market because of the universal mount patterns on the models that we supply.

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This article covers the most popular model Swann DVRs that were available at the time of writing. If your DVR is not here or if you are having trouble figuring out which security cameras are compatible with your DVR, feel free to contact me. You can also email me any other questions that you may have.