How-to Display Live Video from Multiple IP Cameras on an HDMI TV Monitor

Here is a solution that supports displaying live video from multiple IP cameras on a TV monitor via HDMI. Live video display of multiple security cameras is a common requirement from customers at CCTV Camera Pros. I have previously documented solutions on how-to connect analog CCTV cameras to a TV and how-to connect HD over coax cameras to a TV here. This article specifically discusses how to do it using network IP cameras and an IP decoder box with HDMI video outputs. Users searching for “IP camera to HDMI” or “IP camera to VGA” solutions will be interested in this article.

This is how it works.

  1. The 4 IP cameras in the above system are all hard wired using Cat-5 network cable to the network router (switch can be used instead of a router). I am using Zavio IP cameras in my installation because they are 100% ONVIF compliant and CCTV Camera Pros has tested Zavio cameras for compatible with the Geovision GV-IP decoder. Please note that wireless IP cameras can also be used with a wireless router / access point.
  2. Although not pictured in the diagram, it is typical to have an NVR (network video recorder) on the same network that is recording video from the cameras.
  3. The Geovision GV-IP decoder is also hard wired to the network router. The Geovision IP decoder has an HDMI and VGA video output, but only one can be used. Dual monitor is currently not supported.
  4. The HDMI output of the decoder is connected to the HDMI input of the TV.
  5. Cameras can be added and display can be configured using a wireless remote control (included with the GV decoder) or by connected a USB mouse.
  6. Single, four camera, and nine camera grid displays are supported.

If you need to display a live view of your IP cameras on multiple TVs / monitors, multiple decoders can be added on the same network. You are only limited to the number of connections your IP cameras support.

You can view the complete manual for the GV-IP decoder here.