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HD security camera compatible with DVR

Which HD Security Cameras are Compatible with My DVR Surveillance System?

At CCTV Camera Pros, we often get asked if our HD security cameras are compatible with an existing DVR surveillance system from another manufacturer.  With so many HD video standards and resolutions available, it can be confusing. This article is going to discusses camera, DVR, cable, and accessory compatibility for HD over coax type surveillance systems (HD CCTV). This article will not cover network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras (non-HD).

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How-to Connect an HD Security Camera to a TV via HDMI

At CCTV Camera Pros, we work with many customers who want to display the live video stream from an HD security camera on a TV via an HDMI input. Sometimes these customers have no interest in recording video surveillance footage. This article will answer the question of how-to connect an HD security camera to a TV’s HDMI video input. It applies whether you only want a live video view or if you also want to record the video.

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How-to Reset H.264 CCTV DVR Password

How can I reset the password on my H.264 CCTV DVR? This is a common question that the technical support team receives at CCTV Camera Pros. Although it seems like a simple question, the answer is not so simple. The reason is because the majority of the security camera DVRs manufactured between 2007 and 2018 use an H.264 video codec and label their DVR cases with the term “H.264 DVR”. I wrote this article to help people try to track down the instructions on how-to reset the password on their DVR.

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Port Forwarding Setup for IP Camera

Port Forwarding and Remote Access Setup Guide for IP Cameras

Most users of IP cameras (network security cameras) want to access their camera remotely to see live video. Accessing cameras remotely from desktop software (Mac and Windows) and mobile apps (iPhone and Android) is extremely common for home owners and business owners.. Read this article to learn about port forwarding and dynamic DNS – two concepts typically required to setup remote access.

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HD Security Camera Video Demo

HD Security Camera Video Demos

These are the latest HD security camera video demos created at CCTV Camera Pros. All of these demos use the latest HD over coax type security cameras. All of these cameras are 4-in-1 models which means that they support AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI, and analog CCTV video modes. They support 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) in AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI modes. They support 960H resolution (960 x 480 pixels) in analog mode (CVBS).

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HD Security Camera Video Recording on a 1080p Surveillance DVR

A customer recently contacted me to see if CCTV Camera Pros had any recorded video surveillance footage captured using 1080p security cameras. He wanted to compare the video quality of an HD camera system to his current analog CCTV camera system. Specifically, he wanted to see the video quality when playing back recorded video on the DVR. Watch this video to see what the quality of 1080p video surveillance captured using 2 AHD cameras and 2 HD-TVI cameras recording to an iDVR-PRO HD surveillance DVR.

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