Android CCTV Camera App Live View

Android CCTV Camera App

The images in this photo gallery show the live remote camera viewing capability of the Android Mobile CMS app for iDVR. This Android app allows users to connect to one of more iDVR surveillance DVRs and view live streaming video from the CCTV cameras that are connected. The app supports single, four camera, eight camera, and sixteen camera viewing modes. When viewing in single camera mode, users can swipe the screen left and right to view the other cameras.

The Pro version of the Mobile CMS app allows users to create virtual devices which means that users can choose up to 16 cameras from multiple DVRs / locations and bring that group of cameras into a single view.

In addition to the excellent support for live camera viewing, users can also search through and playback recorded video surveillance footage using the Android app. This app currently works with all iDVR-E4, iDVR-E8, iDVR-E16, and iDVR-RT16 model DVRs.

android-dvr-viewer-app-4-cctv-camera-live-view.jpg android-cctv-app-live-camera-view.jpg android-cctv-camera-app.jpg android-surveillance-app-live-cctv-viewer.jpg android-cctv-camera-live-view.jpg android-dvr-viewer-app-8-camera-live-view.jpg

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