Live Camera CCTV App for Android

Watch this video to see a live security camera view using the iDVR-PRO CCTV App for Android. This Android app allows users to remotely connect to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR and view live streaming video from their CCTV cameras. In addition to the live security camera view, users can also search and playback video surveillance footage that is recorded on the DVR hard drive. The app works on Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

Viewtron Android App

view security cameras android app

2022 Update: CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends our Viewtron security camera app for Android that is included for free with all Viewtron security camera DVRs, IP camera NVRs, and network IP cameras.

Live Camera CCTV App Images

The images in this photo gallery show the live remote camera viewing capability of the Android DVR viewer app for iDVR-PRO. The app supports single, four camera, nine camera, and sixteen camera viewing modes. When the viewing in single camera mode, users can swipe the screen left and right to view the other cameras.

Android CCTV App live camera view

This is the remote live camera view in single channel mode using a Nexus Android smartphone. This HD dome security camera is the one being remotely viewed. When an HD security camera is being viewed in the app, the live video is displayed in high definition (single camera view only).

Android Security Camera App 4ch Live Camera View

Here is the 4 camera grid view in the app. To conserve the bandwidth needed to display live video streaming from 4 cameras on one screen, the video is displayed in lower resolution. Users can tap on any of the cameras to switch to single camera view in HD.

Android CCTV App 9ch Live Camera View

Here is the 9 camera grid view.

android surveillance app live 16 camera view

Here is the 16 camera live view. We have a mix of analog CCTV cameras, AHD cameras, and HD-TVI cameras connected to our hybrid AHD DVR.

Recorded Surveillance Video Playback

In addition to the excellent support for live security camera viewing, users can also search and playback recorded surveillance video footage using the iDVR-PRO Android app.

Recorded Video Search

Android CCTV App recorded video search

Users can playback recorded video in the app by using the date / time search function to select where they want the video playback to start from.

Motion Detection Event Search

Android CCTV DVR App motion detection

Users also have the ability to playback recorded video in the app by searching for motion detection and other types of alarm events in the log viewer. You can learn more about motion detection recording setup here and alarm input recording here.

Android DVR Viewer App Recorded Video

Here is the playback screen. The user is brought to this screen after they select the time /date of the playback or if they select an event from the log. The player supports video playback in forward and reverse. Users can also speed up the playback or slow it down.

PTZ Camera Controls

Android CCTV App PTZ Camera Control

The Android app supports pan tilt zoom controls for PTZ cameras. The virtual joystick on the lower right is used to move the camera up / down / left / right. The plus and minus buttons in the lower left control the zoom in and zoom out controls. Users can also jump to any preset locations that are configured using the preset button.

Demo Request

Security Camera DVR

Would you like to login to a DVR using the Android app to test out the experience for yourself? Please click here to request a demo login. You will receive instructions to download the latest Android app version and how-to login to our demo DVR. Please note that the app works only with iDVR-PRO DVRs from CCTV Camera Pros.


  1. Do I need a DVR to use the app?
    Yes, the app is actually connecting to a DVR, not directly to security cameras. All of the cameras that are connected to the DVR can be seen.
  2. What type of security cameras are supported?
    iDVR-PRO DVRs support analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI cameras. The latest models also support ONVIF complaint IP cameras.
  3. Does the app work on a local network?
    Yes, users can access their security cameras from the same local area network where the DVR is located or from remotely over the Internet.
  4. Do I have to setup port forwarding to access my DVR remotely?
    Yes, in order to access your DVR and cameras remotely, you must setup port forwarding on your network router.
  5. Is an iPhone mobile app also available?
    Yes, iDVR-PRO DVRs also include this iPhone app for security camera viewing.
  6. Is there desktop software for Mac and Windows PCs?
    Yes, there is also Mac DVR software and Windows CMS software included. You can learn about all of the remote camera apps and desktop software here.
  7. Does the app support push notifications?
    Yes, users may configure alarm events detected by the DVR to send a push notification to the Android app. Please see this article: How-to setup CCTV DVR push notifications.
  8. Can I control a PTZ camera from the app?
    Yes, there are pan tilt zoom controls in the app.

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