7 Great Security Cameras Compatible with Night Owl DVRs

Looking for security cameras that are compatible with your Night Owl DVR? Here are 7 BNC security cameras that Night Owl customers love.

Most people think that only Night Owl security cameras are required to work with a night Owl DVR. This is not true. Night Owl uses the same video standards in their BNC / coax cable type DVRs as just about every other video surveillance manufacturer uses.

Here are some things to consider.

  1. Do your existing Night Owl cameras use coax cable that connects directly to the DVR or CAT-5 cable that connects to a network switch? The focus of this article is helping customers find coax BNC connector type cameras that are compatible with Night Owl DVRs. This article does not talk about network IP cameras.
  2. What video resolution and video standard(s) does your existing video surveillance system support?

Night Owl, like many other security manufacturers, does not always make this information easy to find. If your DVR is older than 3-4 years, it is most likely an analog CCTV DVR (CVBS video standard). If your DVR records at 720p, 1080p resolution or greater, your DVR is most likely compatible with AHD cameras, HD-TVI cameras, or both. If you need help determining which cameras will work with your DVR, you can contact me via email here.

Recommended Night Owl Compatible Cameras

These are some of our best selling HD security cameras used by customers with Night Owl DVRs. All of the cameras discussed in this article are hybrid HD CCTV cameras that support multiple video formats including analog CCTV (CVBS) and multiple HD video formats. This is what makes them compatible with almost all BNC DVRs. The video format is selected using a small joystick located on the video cable of the camera.

Hybrid HD CCTV Camera

If you need help determining if a certain camera model will be compatible with your DVR model, please email me here and include the model number of your DVR.

180 Degree Lens Dome Camera

180 dome security camera

The HD-D180 is a dome security camera with a 180 degree lens. This camera supports 4 video formats: analog CCTV (CVBS), AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI which makes it compatible with almost all BNC Night Owl DVRs. This camera supports 1080p video resolution in the HD video modes and 960H resolution in CVBS mode. The HD-D180 has built-in infrared night vision so that it can capture video surveillance in normal, low, and zero light. This is a weatherproof indoor outdoor camera. This is an all time best seller at CCTV Camera Pros, not just among Night Owl customers, but a best seller overall.

180 Degree Dome Security Camera with Infrared

Watch this video demo to see high definition security footage captured using the HD-D180. Normal light and infrared night vision mode is recorded. This video footage was captured with the camera connected to an iDVR-PRO hybrid HD security camera DVR.

180 Degree Bullet-style Camera

wide angle security camera

What is the best security camera? The AHD-BL25H wide angle security camera has the same 180 degree lens as the HD-D180. The difference is that it is enclosed in a black bullet-style housing instead of a white dome. The rest of the camera is identical. Like to HD-D180, it also has built-in infrared and supports the same video formats: analog CCTV (CVBS), AHD, HD-TVI and HD-CVI. This is a weatherproof indoor outdoor CCTV camera. It is another best seller.

Wide Angle HD Security Camera

Watch this video demo to see the 1080p HD video surveillance footage captured by the AHD-BL25.

Infrared Dome Camera

infrared dome camera

The HD-Q3 is an infrared dome security camera with a fixed 90 degree lens. The turret-style housing make these cameras very easy to adjust the angle of view during installation. Customers looking for replacement infrared cameras that work with Night Owl camera systems love the HD-Q3 because it is so easy to install. The 3.6mm lens is fixed and pre-focused. These camera typically are installed in the corner of rooms because of their 90 degree field of view.

infrared turret dome camera

Watch the above video demonstration to see the normal light and zero light infrared capability of the HD-Q3.

Bullet Security Camera with Adjustable Lens

bullet security camera

The HD-BL8 is an HD bullet security camera with adjustable lens (vari-focal lens). The first 3 cameras that we recommended above have all been fixed lens. The HD-BL8 has a 3.6mm to 16mm varifocal lens that allows the angle of view to be adjusted between and 82 and 16 degrees. This allows you to get the exact level of zoom that you need. Like the other cameras discussed in this article, the HD-BL8 can run in 4 video models: analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI. It works with just about every Night Owl DVR that has BNC video inputs.

HD Bullet Security Camera

Watch above video shows the angle of view with the lens of the HD-BL8 adjusted to the widest and most narrow settings.

License Plate Reader Camera

license plate reader camera

The LPR-AHD5 license plate capture camera is compatible with almost all Night Owl DVRs. If you are not familiar with LPR cameras, you should know that they are typically used in conjunction with a second camera that provides a color overview of vehicles. The LPR camera is focused more directly on the area were plates pass. LPR cameras typically run in black in white mode continuously to help identify vehicle number plates. CCTV Camera Pros has supplied cameras to home owners associations, commercial properties, and government installations all over of the United States. You can learn more about LPR camera installation here.

License Plate Capture Camera vs Non-LPR Camera

Watch the above video to see how well the LPR-AHD5 captures the license plate numbers on moving vehicles. There is also a comparison of the LPR camera to a non-LPR camera.

Bullet IR Camera

Bullet IR Camera

The BIPRO-9004  bullet IR camera is another long time best seller at CCTV Camera Pros. Although the camera has a very cheap price, the quality is outstanding. You can see this in the below video demo. Like the other camera models that were discussed in this article, the BIPRO-9004 supports analog CVBS, AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI video modes. It supports 960H resolution in analog CCTV mode and 1080p HD resolution in the other video modes. This is a weatherproof indoor outdoor camera with built-in infrared LEDs.

HD Security Camera with IR

Watch this video demo of the BIPRO-9004 to see it capture color video surveillance footage and black and white infrared night vision surveillance.

Hidden Surveillance Camera

hidden surveillance camera

If you are looking for a hidden surveillance camera compatible with Night Owl DVRs, you should consider the AHD-PIR18 invisible infrared spy camera. The AHD-PIR18 is a high definition security camera that is completely concealed inside of a motion detector housing. The IR LEDs are hidden behind the PIR sensor window and do not emit a red glow like traditional IR LEDs. IT is the ultimate hidden spy camera and it works with just about every type of hard wired BNC DVR on the market.

Hidden Security Camera with Invisible Infrared

Watch this video demo to the the AHD-PIR18 capture HD video surveillance in normal light and zero light infrared night mode.

Best Replacement DVR for Night Owl System

hybrid security camera DVR

If you are looking for a replacement DVR for your Night Owl system, these are the best security DVRs that we supply by far for BNC security cameras. Click here if you are looking for an IP camera NVR.

View your Security Cameras Remotely

security camera apps

Viewtron recorders include the best mobile apps and desktop software to view your cameras remotely. There are never any monitoring fees or licensing fees. You own all of the equipment.

More Night Owl Compatible Equipment

Some of our best selling security cameras were discussed in this article. However, we have hundreds of additional cameras available if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some additional camera types and other Night Owl Compatible accessories that you may be interested in.

Questions / Help

If you need help determining if a certain camera model or device is compatible with your video security system, please email me here.