NUUO Surveillance Releases NVRmini version 2.2 Software / Firmware

NUUO surveillance released software / firmware version 2.2 for the NVRmini stand alone network video recorder. CCTV Camera Pros, a master distributor for NUUO surveillance, will be installing this version on all systems shipped from November 30, 2009. Customers that have an older firmware version currently on their NVR can download firmware updates here: NVRmini firmware updates. The 2.2 firmware update contains the following features and improvements:

NUUO NVRmini 2.2 New features

  1. Enhanced live view / playback function including:
  2. Support up to 128 channels live display on multiple monitors
  3. Great diversity of live-viewing layouts
  4. Support for multiple views (duplicate channels for the same camera). Combined with digital PTZ, users are allowed to enlarge different spots and view them in different channels without failing to record the whole view
  5. Support for auto scan function
  6. Show event log on the time line of video record, easy to search video with events
  7. Support for Digital Watermark to prevent recorded video files/snapshots from being tampered
  8. Support for DDNS service
  9. Support for SMTP port for mail service
  10. Support Arecont UDP protocol and H.264 codec
  11. Support Panasonic i-pro series and BL-series motion detection

NUUO NVRmini 2.2 System improvements

  1. [Browser] Compatible with Internet Explorer 8
  2. [Camera Search] Mark the inserted cameras in search result
  3. [Event & Action] Activation period of event can cover two days e.g. from 22:00 to 08:00
  4. [Event & Action] Enhance disk status event, to distinguish abnormal disk status and exhausted disk space
  5. [Event & Action] Add new system event “Power-on Notification” for recording the time of power turning on. Ex: Send E-mail when power resumes after power loss
  6. [RAID Management] When there is an invalid volume, users can’t do anything but deleting the invalid volume
  7. [NVR Log] Record playback access information, including access time, playback video channels and time frame
  8. [Load Configuration] Keep user account and privilege after uploading to default setting
  9. [System Upgrade] Files in My Network Place are selectable on UI
  10. [Live View/Playback] Tool tips for each button
  11. [Install Wizard] Combine install wizard configure with install wizard. Before searching, users have no need to choose network interface when there are multiple network cards installed on remote PC

NUUO NVRmini 2.2 Bug Fixes

  1. OSD can be displayed on video with H.264 compression format
  2. Fixed the bug that bandwidth of SONY camera is fixed at 2Mbps automatically
  3. Fixed the audio bug on Mobotix camera

NUUO NVRmini 2.2 New IP Cameras Supported

The following IP cameras are now supported:

  1. ACTi: ACD2000Q, ACM1511, ACM3011, ACM3511, ACM4000, ACM4201, ACM8201, ACM8211, TCM4301, TCM5311
  2. Arecont: AV1355, AV3155, AV5155, AV8365
  3. Axis: M3014, P1311, P1344, P3343, P3343-V, P3343-VE, P3344, P3344-V, P3344-VE, Q6032-E, Q7404
  4. D-Link: DCS-1100, DCS-1130, DCS-6410, DCS-7510
  5. Eneo: GLC-1401, GLC-1601, GLC-1602H,GLD-1401, GLD-1501, GLS-2101
  6. Mobotix: Q24-Basic, Q24-Sec
  7. Panasonic: DG-NF282, DG-NF302, DG-NP240, DG-NP244, DG-NP304, DG-NS950, DG-NS954, DG-NW960, DG-NW964, WV-NF302, WV-NP304, WV-NP502, WV-NW502S
  8. Samsung: SNC-B2315, SNC-B5395, SNC-6225, SNC-7225, SNC-7478, SNC-M300
  9. Toshiba: IKWB21A, IKWB70A, IKWD01A
  10. Vivotek: FD7130, IP7130, IP7154, IP7160, IP7161, IP7330, PZ7111, PZ7121, PZ7131, SD7313, SD7323
  11. Zavio: B5110, B6110, D520E, D6111, F3100, F3105, F5100, F5105, F5110, F5115, F520E, F731E, P5110, P5115

Click here for the complete list of IP cameras supported by NUUO NVRmini version 2.2.

About NUUO Surveillance

Founded in 2004, NUUO uses advanced and comprehensive technologies to enhance surveillance cameras to high standards demanded by our Intelligent Surveillance Solution. Combining NVR and NDVR Hybrid technologies with IVS detections guaranteed NUUO a successful entry into the security industry marketplace quickly.

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CCTV Camera Pros is a manufacturer and distributor of security cameras, videos surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment. We are a United States master stocking distributor for NUUO surveillance. NUUO products are stocked and shipped from our warehouse in Boynton Beach Florida (Palm Beach County). Remote Internet viewable surveillance systems is our specialty. We are not only a distributor of surveillance equipment but we also test and support each product that we sell in the USA. CCTV Camera Pros is a Veteran owned business that was founded by a United States Marine. We supply surveillance systems and equipment to home owners, small, medium, and large sized businesses, as well as local and federal government agencies. No project is too small or too large for us to handle and we have trained sales engineers that can help design the system the is right for your requirements.

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