License Plate Recognition Camera Review

Check out this video review of our Viewtron LPR camera and Viewtron NVR with built-in ALPR software. CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends our Viewtron LPR cameras and complete license plate recognition systems.

Viewtron LPR Camera Demo

LPR Video Surveillance Recording

If you are looking for the best LPR camera, CCTV Camera Pros recommends Viewtron LPR cameras. Viewtron LPR cameras have built-in ALPR software. ALPR stands for automatic number plate recognition. In addition to being able to detect license plates, Viewtron LPR cameras can also automatically identify the numbers and letter on the license plate and even compare them to a plates in a database. The license plate database is updates and maintained on the Viewtron NVR that the license plate reader camera records to. Viewtron NVRs are completely integrated with the license plate reader software.

Viewtron LPR Camera Videos

LPR Camera Videos

You can watch all of our Viewtron LPR camera video demos here.