Connect Photoelectric Beam Sensor to CCTV DVR Alarm Input

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    Mike Haldas

    Can a photoelectric beam sensor be connected to the alarm input of a CCTV DVR? This is a question that I recently received at CCTV Camera Pros. Below is a transcript.

    Here are the questions from the customer.

    I read your article on how to connect external alarm devices to the alarm input of a a CCTV DVR. I found the support article very helpful.

    Please suggest me can I use photoelectric beam sensor and configure it with DVR which has ALARM-IN options on its back pane?

    I normally use these types of sensors on the walls of my customer’s retail and office locations. Whenever the beam is cut, the alarm is triggered.

    Can I place this on a wall and when beam is cut, the DVR will pop-up video on the screen of the camera that I associate with the alarm input?

    This is my response.

    Yes, a photoelectric beam sensor can be used to trigger the alarm input on an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR.

    You can use the same alarm input setup instructions that you originally referred to.

    On that page, I describe how to integrate a PIR motion sensor and a magnetic window sensor with the alarm inputs of the CCTV DVR. The setup is the same for a photoelectric beam sensor.

    photoelectric beam sensor trigger a cctv dvr alarm

    The DVR can be configured to take any of these actions based on an external sensor triggering an alarm.

    • Alarm Recording – the DVR will begin recording when an alarm is triggered.
    • Alarm Buzzer – the DVR sounds an audio beeping sounds.
    • Video Pop-up – the video channels(s) that are associated with the alarm appear on the screen.
    • OSD Pop-up – a message appears over the video that displays which alarm was triggered.
    • Email Alert – an email alert is sent.
    • FTP Upload – a snapshot of the event is FTP uploaded to a server.
    • PTZ Preset Location – if your system has a pan tilt zoom camera, you can program alarms to trigger PTZ cameras to go to a preset location.

    Early next year, we also plan on enabling the ability to receive a push notification on the iPhone and Android apps for iDVR-PRO.

    This IP camera with alarm sound and strobe light is also worth a look.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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