iDVR Remote Recording and Remote Video Playback

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently emailed CCTV Camera Pros the following:

    Do you have an instruction manual for the DvrPlayer software? When I try to record through it, it does not seem to do anything. When I go through the setup it says that it will store the video it in xdrvplayer/download, that folder did not exist. So I created the folder and it still did nothing. I assume its operator head space and timing. If you happen to have it that would be great. Thanks!

    Here's our response:

    Hi Steve,

    The only printed manual I have for the iDVR is on our website here:

    What I found is that when you are using the live view at a remote location you must:

    1. Make the connection to the remote computer

    2. Click the "record" button to begin recording

    3. Click the "record" button again to stop recording

    4. Files are automatically exported & saved to the local machine in the following directory: C:/Program Files/DvrPlayer/Download/

    5. Change from Live to PB (Playback) on the viewer console

    6. Click the Search button on the lower right

    7. Change from Remote to Local tab on top right

    8. Click Open File button on bottom left

    9. The dialog box with the recorded video files (navigate to the directory in Step 4) will open up.

    To access recorded playback from a remote computer you must:

    1. Click the PB (Playback) button in the top right when in Live mode

    2. Click the Search Button on the lower right

    3. Choose the DVR to connect to on the top left "DVR Set"

    4. Click a date once the calendar populates

    5. Choose a block of time from the time-line

    6. Choose Download or Play button on the lower right

    7. Download will save to the same directory as noted above

    8. Play will show the recorded video in the remote console

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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