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    Mike Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros received the following questions recently from a customer interested in an iDVR-E home surveillance system. All questions are in bold.

    I am very interested in ordering a surveillance system from you. You

    seem to have the best customer support and quality products from all

    the research I have done. This is going to be my first surveillance

    install and before I pull the trigger I just want to run a few things

    by you. The system I was looking to purchase is Product Code:

    SYSPRO-4BI38047. You ship the system with 100ft wires, if I run these

    wires and they happen to come up short is it possible for me to buy

    extensions for them or will I have to buy longer wires?

    Thank You for the kind works about our company. You can extend the pre-made siamese CCTV cables by using a BNC double female connector:

    Be aware that CCTV Camera Pros does not recommend going over 200 feet with pre-made cables. For cable runs over 200 feet we highly recommend using a spool of RG59 siamese and cut the cable to length. Then apply connectors.

    Also, I realize each camera needs it own power supply, the wire for the power supply runs with the video wire and the video wire plugs in the DVR, does thepower supply wire also plug into the DVR?

    No, the power portion of the Siamese cable plugs into an individual power supply that comes with the camera, like this one:

    The alternative is to attach a power lead to the end of the cable.

    And use a power supply box to power all cameras.

    This is an option of the iDVR system that you are interested in.

    Also I would like to connect my DVR to 2 separate monitors I see the the DVR has 1 Main Composite,1 VGA, and one "spot" what is the "spot" output?

    The spot monitor does not display the menu of the DVR if an administrator is logged in. It will always just display the live camera views (your choice of a single camera, single camera picture in picture, or 4 camera grid view). The VGA and main composite display the administrators view, including the menu and playback.

    I am also concerned with setting up remote viewing on my android device (T-Mobile G2x), I noticed that you do not have a stand alone app but rather recommend

    using MobileCMS which is fine but I'm not sure I will be able to set

    it up with out some instructions, I have a Verizon Fios router model

    MI424WR-GEN2 and Norton 360 Security Suite installed on my PC if that

    matters. I am pretty tech savvy but just want to make sure before I

    buy the system that I will be able to contact you if I need


    You will have no worries there. The MobileCMS app is outstanding and we provide all of our customers with first rate support provided by engineers in the USA. For many customers, we set things up for them remotely.

    Lastly I was curious about the alarm input on the DVR, what is this for? I have a home security system is this to connect to that? If so how does it work?

    The alarm input is used if you want to integrate your DVR with burglar alarm devices such as door contacts, motion sensors, etc. You can use these devices to set off motion activated recording for example. These instructions are for a different model DVR but the concepts are the same:

    Please let me know if I can help further.

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