How-to View Multiple HD-TVI Security Cameras on a TV Monitor

Some users of HD-TVI security cameras do not require video recording using a surveillance DVR. Instead, they only want to be able to view the live video feeds from their surveillance cameras on a TV or monitor.

TVI security cameras provide 1080p video resolution over RG59 Siamese coax cable, and TVI video multiplexers allow users to combine the video feed from multiple TVI cameras and view them simultaneously on a TV or monitor. Video multiplexers typically allow the user to select between multiple types of camera layouts using a remote control.

This diagram shows how TVI cameras are wired to a video multiplexer and HD TV.

HD-TVI Security Cameras connect to HDMI TV Monitor

This is exactly how it works when using a VM-HD4 multiplexer from CCTV Camera Pros.

  1. Up to 4 TVI cameras can be connected to the multiplexer using RG59 coax cable.
  2. The multiplexer has a HDMI and VGA video output that can be attached to the video input of a TV or monitor.
  3. The multiplexer combines the video signals from all of the cameras so that they can be configured for single or multiple camera display.
  4. The menu system and screen configuration of the VM-HD4 can be controlled via a wireless remote control or using the buttons on the box itself.

View Multiple HD CCTV Cameras on TV

Here are some screenshots that show what it looks like to view 4 HD cameras on a TV. Please click on any of these images to see a full HD view.

HD-TVI Camera Quad Processor

Above is a 4 camera grid view.

4 HD-TVI Cameras Live on TV Screen

Here is a different 4 camera view that is available with one of the cameras large and three smaller to the right. The user can select which camera is in the large view using the wireless remote control.

HD CCTV Quad Processor Picture-in-Picture View

Above is the picture-in-picture view.

TVI / AHD / Analog CCTV Video Multiplexer

HD CCTV Video Multiplexer

The VM-HD4 multiplexer also supports 720p and 1080p AHD cameras, as well as standard analog CCTV cameras. This allows users to view all three camera types on a single TV monitor. Users can also use just one type of camera if they choose. You can learn more about the VM-HD4 TVI / AHD / CCTV multiplexer here.