What is smart IR for security cameras?

Smart IRA common question that CCTV Camera Pros sales engineers are asked is “What is smart IR”? Smart IR is a technology built into some security cameras that adjusts the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object so that the infrared does not overexpose the object.

Smart IR technology was invented to solve the problem of infrared LEDs whiting out images, such as people’s faces, when they are too close to the IR LEDs of a night vision camera. For example, this can easily happen if a customer purchases an infrared camera with a 65 foot IR range, but the camera is monitoring an area where people can approach the camera at a much closer distance (5 to 10 feet for example). Many infrared cameras that are available today include this technology, but not all do, so check your camera’s specification.

Smart IR Video Sample

The following video compares the night vision capability of a CCTV camera with smart IR to one without. Notice that when the man gets close to the camera, his face is still visible on the camera that uses smart IR, but is whited out on the camera that does not have it.

Smart IR vs No Smart IR Comparison

The below image compared a CCTV camera with smart IR to one without. The camera with smart IR that was used for the video capture had an infrared range up to 100 feet, but as you can see, it is able to adjust the intensity of the IR LEDs for the man that approached the camera within 3 feet.

Please click on the image for a larger view.

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