4K CCTV Camera with Motorized Zoom Lens

Watch this video demo to see the motorized zoom lens of a 4K CCTV camera (4K-B2Z) controlled by a Viewtron security camera DVR.  The 4K-B2Z camera has a 2.8-12mm motorized varifocal lens with auto focus. The camera’s motorized lens is controlled by the PTZ controls on the Viewtron DVR that the camera is connected to. The camera is hard wired to the DVR using RG59 coax cable.

motorized zoom lens DVR controls

Please note that these cameras use UTC, which stands for “Up the Coax”. It allows for the zoom commands to be send over the same coax cable as the video. There is no need to run additional cable. The above screenshot shows the PTZ controls on the DVR. The zoom in / zoom out buttons are the only ones applicable to this camera.

4K BNC Security Camera

4K CCTV camera bullet

Here is the 4K-B2Z security camera that was used in this video.


You can see how this camera is installed on the exterior of our building. The 4K-B2Z is the bullet camera on the right. You can see that we used one of our optional outdoor junction boxes, as we typically recommend for outdoor installations. The big camera on the left is a Viewtron auto-tracking PTZ camera.

4K Hybrid CCTV DVR

hybrid security camera DVR

This is the Viewtron 4K hybrid CCTV DVR that the camera was connected to to record the video.

2.8mm Lens Setting

2.8mm Lens 4K Security Camera

Here is a snapshot with the lens zoomed out to the widest setting, the 2.8mm setting. I am standing 90 feet away from where the camera is installed.

12mm Lens Setting

12mm Lens 4K Security Camera

This image was captured with the lens zoomed in to the 12mm setting.

Digital Zoom

4K CCTV camera digital zoom

In the above screenshot, I digitally zoomed in to see if I would be able to be identified at 90 feet way.

130 Feet Way – 12mm Lens Setting

12mm Lens 4K CCTV Camera

This last image show me standing 130 feet away from where the camera is installed. The motorized zoom lens is set to the 12mm setting. Obviously people can not be identified at this distance but you can see activity very clearly.

Have Questions / Need Help?

If you have any questions about this video or anything related to security camera systems, please email me at mike@cctvcamerapros.net.

Video Transcript

Hey, guys, Mike from CCTV Camera Pros here. In this video, I’m going to demonstrate our 4K B2Z security camera. It’s that bullet camera that you see behind me mounted on the right next to that PTZ camera. That’s a 4K resolution BNC camera that uses coax cable and BNC connectors. We have it connected to one of our Viewtron 4K DVRs, and I’m going to demonstrate the motorized varifocal lens on it that has auto focus.

Here’s the live security camera view on the Viewtron DVR, and right now the camera is set to the widest lens setting, which is the 2.8 millimeter setting. I’m just going to walk out, and I’m going to stop here about, this is 32 feet away from where the camera is mounted. This is the 2.8 millimeter lens setting, and I’m about 32 feet away where I stop there behind James’ car. Now this stop sign that I’m walking out to is just over 90 feet away. With the 2.8 millimeter lens, you’re going to see what the view looks like 90 feet away. You can see I’m pretty distant using the 2.8 millimeter lens.

Next on the DVR, I’m going to pull up the PTZ controls. That’s how we control the motorized zoom lens with the zoom in and zoom out function of the PTZ command. I’m going to zoom the lens all the way into the 12 millimeter setting. You see it gets more and more narrow, the view gets more and more narrow the more I zoom in. Then you can see when the camera is done adjusting the lens automatically focuses. Now I’m going to walk back out to that point by the stop sign, which again, I measured, it’s 90, 95 feet away from where the camera is mounted and the camera’s mounted pretty high. We have this camera mounted about 12 feet high.

I’m going to pause the video here for a second, and then digitally zoom into me to see how clear I look at 92 feet away with a digital zoom applied to the already mechanical zoom, the 12 millimeter setting. You can see it’s a pretty clear picture at 92 feet away. Then I’m going to walk even further. That big light pole that you see behind me that I’m going to walk out to, that’s about 130 feet away from where the camera is installed. This is what it looks like with the 12 millimeter setting on the camera at 130 feet away.

Then I’m going to let this play out because in a minute you’ll see a golf cart pass by and you’ll see it’s a pretty nice view of our security guard going by in his golf cart. I just wanted to include that in the video there before I wrap up.

Guys, I hope this video has been helpful. I want to mention a couple things before we wrap up. That camera can run in four video modes. It supports 4K resolution in AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI video formats, which makes it compatible with just about any 4K BNC DVR on the market. It also runs an analog CVBS mode, so if you have a legacy analog CCTV DVR and want to use this camera in low def for now, and then later, if you upgrade to one of our Viewtron 4K DVRs, you can switch it over to the 4K resolution. It’s really handy for that upgrade path as well.

If you have any questions on any of this, you can reach out to me anytime. I can be reached at mike@cctvcamerapros.net. If you want to learn more about our Viewtron 4K BNC cameras, we also have a bunch of IP cameras, we have AI security cameras. If you’re not familiar with those, check them out. They’re awesome. License plate recognition, complete systems. Please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/Viewtron. Thank you for watching.