4mp LPR Camera License Plate Detection Software Testing

Check out the new Viewtron 4mp LPR camera with built-in license plate detection software. The Viewtron LPR-IP4 has a 8-32mm motorized zoom lens with auto that gives this LPR camera an effective license plate detection range of 20 to 90 feet. In the above video, I test the front license plate and rear license plate detection with the camera lens set to the widest angle of view. The license plate detection zone is set on the Viewtron NVR at a range of 25-40 feet.

90 Foot License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition

In this video, I test the automatic license plate recognition software at a distance of 90 feet. To do this, I adjust the lens to the 32mm setting (most zoomed in angle). This is done using the PTZ camera controls on the NVR that the camera is recording to. On the NVR, the license plate detection zone is set between 85 and 100 feet. In this video, I also test front license plate and rear license plate capture.

Viewtron LPR Cameras


Please note that the LPR-IP4 uses the exact same license plate detection software as the Viewtron LPR-IP7. The LPR-IP4 is enclosed in the exact same IP67 weatherproof rated housing as the LPR-IP7.

CCTV Camera Pros have been designing LPR camera systems for our customers using the LPR-IP7 for the past 3 years. The LPR-IP7 has been tremendously successful. It is our best selling LPR camera of all time by far. The differences between the new LPR-IP4 and the existing LPR-IP7 is the 4 megapixel resolution vs 1080p / 2mp. The LPR-IP4 has a 8 to 32mm motorized vari-focal lens vs the 7 to 22mm motorized vari-focal lens on the LPR-IP7 model. The larger lens gives the new LPR-IP4 a greater effective license plate recognition range, 20 to 90 feet. The LPR-IP7 has an effective LPR range of 15 to 70 feet.

Night Time License Plate Detection

night time license plate detection

I have not finished making the video that documents my night time license plate detection testing, but I can tell you that the results are awesome. Here is a screenshot of the night time testing using the new LPR-IP4 camera. You can see night time license plate recognition testing here that I did with the 2mp LPR-IP7. Again, the LPR software setup is exactly the same. The difference with the new camera is the 4 megapixel resolution and larger lens size.

I will be uploading my night time tests using the LPR-IP4 as soon as possible.

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