Security Camera DVR Alarm Input Setup

Watch this video to learn how-to connect an external motion detector to the alarm input of Viewtron security camera DVR. When motion is detected by the motion sensor, it triggers the following alarm actions.

    1. Trigger video recording on the camera associated with the alarm.
    2. Enable the alarm output on channel one, where I have an alarm light attached (turn the strobe light on).
    3. Pop-up live video of the camera associated with the alarm on the DVR’s display monitor.

Here are some additional actions that can be triggered from an alarm input.

  1. Capture a still image snapshot.
  2. Send a push notification to the mobile app for iPhone & Android.
  3. Enable the alarm buzzer on the DVR / NVR.
  4. Send an email notification.

Viewtron Video Surveillance Recorders

IP Camera NVR

This video setup is applicable to Viewtron security camera DVRs (BNC cameras) and IP Camera NVRs (network IP cameras).