Can a CCTV camera zoom in close enough to see details on money?

Box CCTV Camera 5-100mm Lens Zoom

Here is the question

A customer contacted CCTV Camera Pros sales team today and asked if it was possible to place a camera on a ceiling 10 feet above a cash register at a point of sale counter and be able to see clearly enough to identify the type of bill that was being passed to the sales clerk.

These were the images that we captured while testing to put this question to the test.

PRO-680DN Box CCTV Camera 100mm Lens Full Zoom PRO-680DN-100 Box CCTV Camera 75mm Lens Setting PRO-680DN Box Security Camera Surveillance Image Box CCTV Camera 5mm Lens

How the Surveillance Images Were Captured

We used our PRO-680DN-100 box style CCTV camera with 5-100mm varifocal lens to put this question to the test. The reason that we chose the PRO-680DN-100 was because of it’s 5-100mm varifocal lens, which lets installers zoom the field of view very close for fine details, even on small objects.

PRO-680DN Box CCTV Camera

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We placed the camera 10 feet away from our Mike Myers cardboard stand-up and taped a dollar bill to his hands. We then adjusted the camera lens to the most narrow / zoomed in setting, 100mm. As you can see in the first picture, not only can the denomination of the bill be clearly identified, but details like the serial number can even be read clearly.

The other surveillance images were captures at wider lens settings. The widest photo is set all the way out at the 5mm setting.

During the test, our camera was connected to CCTV Camera Pros iDVR-E4 4 channel DVR.


Please click here for more information on the iDVR-E4.

Please submit any questions related to this test or anything related to video surveillance systems to Mike Haldas, co-founder of CCTV Camera Pros at

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