Live CCTV Camera TV Display for Curling Club

A customer recently contacted CCTV Camera Pros for help designing a live camera TV display system for The Navan Curling Club in Ontario, Canada. The curling club had a very clear vision of how they wanted to use security camera to display live video of the Ice Sheets on multiple 43-inch Flat Screen TVs that are mounted in the lounge area. They required a dedicated display monitor / TV for each of the 4 ice sheets.

The curling club also wanted the ability to switch views from a single camera view of the “house” at one end of the sheet to a two camera, 50/50 split screen view of both “houses” at either end of the “house” simultaneously.

Live Display System 4 Monitors

Here is a picture of the lounge area at the Navan Curling Club where the live video of all 4 ice sheets are displayed on the 4 TV monitors. The 2 Camera Split display is currently selected on the multiplexer.

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CCTV Video Multiplexer

To display the video from multiple cameras on one monitor, CCTV Camera Pros supplied (4) VM-HD4 HD security camera multiplexers. This devices is also known as a CCTV video multiplexer. The VM-HD4 model can display up to 4 cameras on a single TV monitor. The cameras are connected to the BNC video inputs using RG59 coax cable. There are HDMI and VGA video outputs that support 1080p resolution, as well as a composite BNC video output for analog video display. We also have 9 camera and 16 camera multiplexers available for installations that require live display of more than 4 cameras on a single monitor.

HD CCTV Video Multiplexer

Above you can see the front and rear of the VM-HD4 HD Color Quad Processor.

HD CCTV Camera

HD CCTV camera bullet

The HD-BL8 HD CCTV bullet camera was used in the Curling Club’s system to capture the high definition video of the ice sheets. CCTV Camera Pros supplied (8) of these cameras, one to monitor each house. This high definition camera was the best choice because of the 3.6mm to 16mm varifocal lens. This allows the installer to adjustable the angle of view / zoom level between 82 to 16 degrees. When mounting to a ceiling, you can really zoom in nice on the view of the house.

Live Video Display System Installation

Below is a basic wiring diagram for a 4 camera live display system. Only 2 cameras were paired with each multiplexer for the Curling Club installation.

Live Display system wiring diagram

You can learn more in more details about about how-to setup a live camera display system here.

Curling Club Ice Sheet Video Display

Below are some additional images of the monitor / TV displays of the ice sheets.

CCTV Camera Display Curling Sheet

This is the single camera, full screen of the “house” on the ice sheet.

cctv multiplexer remote control

The video display of the monitors can be switched between single camera and dual camera / split screen views using the wireless remote control that is included with the VM-HD4 multiplexer.


Live Camera Display Split Screen

Here is a 2 camera Split Screen View of both ends of an ice sheet.

Custom Live Video Display Systems

CCTV Camera Live Display System

CCTV Camera Pros specializes in custom video display systems that are not constrained to surveillance applications. We also have these pre-made live camera display systems available here. Below are some related project categories we have helped to design and implement.

More food for thought.  These live video display systems are an affordable means to increase the spectatorship and engagement of the given activity throughout your establishment to customers and members that are not physically near the lane, table or court.  Thereby, potentially increasing your customer or membership retention and recruitment. You can also connect some or all of your cameras to a Surveillance DVR to double as a security system.

Video Demo

4 channel cctv multiplexer

Please click here to see a video demo of the VM-HD4 multiplexer.

Wireless HDMI

wireless HDMI video camera display

We also have wireless HDMI transmission systems that make installations easier in some cases. Please note that we only recommend using a wireless system as a last resort option if you can not run HDMI cable. A hard wired video connection is always much more reliable than wireless. You can watch a video demo here.

Questions / Additional Help

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If you have any questions about the information in this article or need help designing a system, please email us at or call us at 561-433-8488. We design custom systems for customers worldwide.