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    Mike Haldas

    Please see the Email thread below between customer and a Rep. from CCTV Camera Pros Support Team, explaining the different options you can choose when exporting video with the IDVR-E Series DVR's



    Trying to back up surveillance video from my IDVR. No problem backing up using a 2G flash drive but when I trying to use something with more memory it fails or will not read once Ive put it in my computer. Directions state you can use an external DVD drive. Do they even make these any longer? Cant find one. I have a Toshiba portable hard drive with 1T of memory and I also have a WD desk top drive and it will not work as well. Is it possible to use either of these?



    In regards to the external storage not working. Please NOTE: the iDVR does not support more than 32gbs for external backup. If you want to use an external HDD you will need to partition it to 32GB FAT32 format.

    In regard to the external DVD burner, the iDVR-E will support this, the model number of the device we have tested with is DVR-XD09 manufactured by Panasonic.

    You can find more info on the backup process in the manual page 60-65 —

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