Fisheye CCTV Camera w/ Wide Angle 180 Degree Lens

The AHD-BL25 is a bullet style fisheye CCTV camera that has a 180 degree lens wide.  The ultra wide angle of view that the fisheye lens provides is awesome! It is not very often that I write a blog post that is specifically about a new camera, but after testing the AHD-BL25 – I was too excited not to share the results.

The above image was captured using a BL25. You can see that this one camera captures surveillance video of just about the entire room which is 29 feet wide by 16 feet deep. There is a small blind spot on the lower right corner of the room. You can watch a demo surveillance video here that was recorded during my testing.

So what is the AHD-BL25? The AHD-BL25 is an HD CCTV camera (specially a 1080p AHD CCTV type camera) with a 180 degree fish-eye lens. If you are not yet familiar with AHD, please check out my what is AHD CCTV article here.

This is what the camera looks like.

AHD-BL25 wide angle HD CCTV camera


Learn More

You can find all of the details about the camera here. Here are some main features.

  • IP66 Weatherproof housing can be used indoors and outdoors
  • 1080p HD video resolution – 2 Megapixel camera
  • Built-in infrared LEDs for night vision
  • Ceiling or wall mount-able

This is the location where I mounted the camera. This room is the CCTV Camera Pros sales office in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Wide Angle HD CCTV Camera View

I added those arrows to the image to point out the location of the two desks that are just below the camera and to the left and right.  You will see below that the camera captures a clear view of these two desks and is still able to see across the room.

wide angle HD CCTV camera ceiling mount

Above is a close-up view of what the camera looks like mounted to the ceiling tiles in our sales office.

180 degree HD CCTV camera view

Above is the view captured by the camera. Notice how the 180 degree lens enables the camera to view the two desks below it and at the same time see clearly across the room.

180 Fisheye Lens AHD CCTV camera close up viewHere is another image captured using the AHD-BL25. This time, I am standing directly below where the camera is mounted. I did not resize this image. I left it at full 1080p HD resolution. If you are using a desktop computer click on the image to see the 1080p surveillance image.

Infrared Surveillance

180 degree wide angle HD CCTV camera infrared surveillance


Here is an infrared video surveillance image that I captured with the AHD-BL25. All of the lights are off in the room. There is a small amount of ambient light from an exit sign down the hallway from this room. It is very close to complete darkness. You can see that the camera’s 24 IR LEDs light up this medium sized room quite well.

Video Surveillance Demo

Watch the above video to see the complete 1080p video surveillance demo using the AHD-BL25. If you are on a desktop computer, be sure to adjust the YouTube player’s resolution to HD 1080p and watch in full screen mode.


HD Security Camera DVR

I used a hybrid iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR to capture the video footage from my AHD-BL25. These DVRs work with traditional analog CCTV cameras, AHD cameras (720p and 1080p), and HD-TVI cameras (720p and 1080p). You can learn more about HD iDVR-PROs here.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions, please contact me at