Network IP Cameras vs. CCTV Cameras

IP Cameras vs. CCTV Cameras

When an individual or company wants to be able to protect their home or business, there are many ways to do it but one of the best choices is by using security cameras. Security cameras allow those who want to protect their business and home the ability to do so by not only deterring the people who may break in, but also catching those who do so. For a homeowner, it means protecting their house and viewing the outside of their home without having to be there. For the business it means protecting employees and the business by deterring criminals, while catching criminals inside the business, which in some cases can be the employees themselves.

Updated Article on HD CCTV Cameras vs IP Cameras

Why HD CCTV Cameras are Better than IP Cameras

Technology has advanced a lot since this article was written in 2008. HD over coax security cameras are now available which allow 1080p video to transmit over the same coax cable used for traditional CCTV installations. Also, remote camera viewing apps for iPhone and Android have advanced dramatically. I highly recommend that you check out the above article that was written in 2017. 

There are two main types of video camera surveillance systems, Closed-Circuit Television cameras, aka CCTV, and IP Security cameras, aka network cameras. While you may think that CCTV cameras are outdated and nothing but grainy black and white videos, you would be wrong. Along with the IP technology, CCTV cameras have come along greatly in terms of complexity and quality, and when you add a network DVR to a CCTV system with DVR viewer software, you get IP access to all of your cameras which allows you to view your cameras remotely over the Internet.

When the internet changed the world, it also changed the world of security. Through the networks, it meant that video surveillance could go live on the internet and provide clearer and crisper images that could be tracked and monitored in a much easier manner. These IP security cameras give an individual the ability to see what is going on at their home or business, even if they are 10,000 miles away from it. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in security systems and it changed the world of keeping your home, business, family and employees safe.

Naturally, people will look at IP security cameras as better, but it not always the case and it really depends on your needs and wants for your security system.

CCTV Camera System

With a CCTV camera system, you can use either a VCR or DVR, which is a digital video recorder that can hold much more. The CCTV security system is preferred by many individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is very easy to use, working like a VCR. You record the video in the place your monitoring and review it later. You can also keep those records in case you have to look back on them later and as mentioned, many systems are networkable and can be viewed and controlled over the Internet.

CCTV systems are generally less expensive, which makes it a good option for a business that does not have much money but wants to protect, or monitor, its employees and customers. For that reason, many choose to go with a CCTV camera system as a result.

While there are some drawbacks to the system, it is still widely used and loved by many business and homeowners. In fact, many feel that the few drawbacks are far outweighed by the advantages that include its cost, ease of use, availability and practicality.

IP / Network Video Surveillance

The future truly is here with IP-based video surveillance. Using this technology, you can easily see the instant transmission of images anywhere in the world, including the ability to monitor multiple cameras from one remote location. This location can be one, ten, a thousand , or ten thousand miles away, it does not matter. Another big advantage of IP-based video surveillance is that the quality does not diminish, because everything is digital, no matter how many times you view the video. On top of that, the digital picture can not be beat anywhere by nearly any type of media, except for the DVR, which matches it.

One thing that does appeal to those who have IP-based video security cameras is that they can encrypt the images for security purposes, meaning that they will be the only ones to see the video. This prevents tampering and helps keep the vital security images safe from harm or deletion.

With IP-based video surveillance, you can easily view your images from anywhere and the days of someone having to sit in a room full of monitors watching what is going on are disappearing. Now, even if you are in a bazaar in Morocco, you can open your laptop, get on the wireless connection and see how things are holding up in your business.

IP vs CCTV Camera Conclusion

The point being made here is that it does not really matter which of these security camera types you choose. Both of them have their benefits and disadvantages, and both are used around the world by millions of individuals and businesses. No matter your needs, you will find that one of these two types of security cameras will be able to meet them. One of the best things you can do as a business owner is get a security system that fits into your budget. If that means a CCTV security system, then go with it. If it means an IP-surveillance system, then use that.

If you do a lot of traveling and want to keep an eye on your business, then having an IP-surveillance system will be what you should go for. However, if you spend most of your time at your business, and only go home to sleep, then it may be best to have a CCTV security system. Both work great, but it all depends on how you will use them and how much you will use certain features.

The point is not the type of security system you have, or if you can view it over the internet or on tapes. The point is that you taken the steps to keep yourself, your family, your home, your business, or your employees safe by implementing the security features that are needed.