4K Video Surveillance Footage Download from Viewtron Mobile App

A few days ago, I made a video about how-to download recorded video surveillance footage from a Viewtron security camera DVR via the mobile app. This video shows the 4K resolution video footage that I exported & downloaded from the iPhone app (same process on Android). The original video that I compiled for YouTube was only 1080p resolution, so I wanted to follow up with this video so that customers could see the actual 4K resolution of the export. If possible, I highly recommend that you watch this on a 4K television or monitor and make sure the video player is set to 4K resolution.

Mobile App Video Download

Export Video Surveillance Mobile App

In case you missed the first video that shows the export and download process from the mobile app, here it is.

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You can learn more about Viewtron surveillance software & mobile apps here. You can also watch additional video demos here.