Is an AI Security Camera System Really Better than Traditional CCTV?

Customers often ask us if an AI security camera system is that much better than traditional CCTV cameras, and why. If you are not familiar with security cameras with artificial intelligence software, please watch this video to understand the main difference when comparing them to a non-AI camera (CCTV or IP).

The main reason that the team at CCTV Camera Pros so highly recommend AI security cameras is because the reliability of object detection recording. It is so much more reliable than the motion detection recording provided by traditional CCTV camera systems and non-AI IP camera systems. Traditional security camera systems detect motion by comparing  the changes in pixels from frame to frame. This means that the system does not know the difference between a person walking and a tree blowing in the wind.

The object detection provided by AI security cameras can detect objects such as humans, cars, faces, and license plates with up to 99% accurate. Please watch the below video demonstrations that show some of the ways that AI object detection events can be setup. If you are reading this post in an email, the videos are not clickable, please view the article here.

Human / Person Detection

ai security camera person detection

Watch this video to see how I setup human / person detection in a certain zone of my driveway. This is the AI camera that I have installed there.

Vehicle / Car Detection Camera

AI security camera system

Watch this video to see the car / vehicle detection camera function that I setup at CCTV Camera Pros office.

Face Detection / Facial Recognition

facial detection software

Watch this video to see a demo of the face detection/ facial recognition AI software function.

License Plate Reader / Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ALPR software

Watch this video to see our Viewtron LPR camera and several non-LPR AI cameras working together to make the complete LPR / ANPR (license plate recognition / automatic number plate recognition) system used in the back of our warehouse. Please note that license plate recognition is not built into all Viewtron AI cameras. You can find our LPR camera and compete LPR systems here.

Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera with AI Software

auto tracking PTZ with AI car detection software

This auto-tracking PTZ camera has AI software built-in. Watch this demo to see it detect a car and track it autonomously 370 feet away.

4K AI Cameras

Several months after this article was originally written, CCTV Camera Pros released their 4K AI cameras.  Here are some video surveillance demos that we made with the 4K models.

Person Detection at Night with 4K AI Camera

4K AI security camera IR night vision

Watch this video to see our new 4K AI dome camera detect a human in complete darkness using the camera’s built-in RI night vision.

Daytime Human AI Detection with 4K Camera

4K Security Camera AI Software

Watch this video to see a demo or our new 4K bullet AI camera. Human object detection is enabled and an intrusion zone is setup around this car. When a human penetrates the intrusion zone, the NVR enabled video recording and bookmarks the event.

Need Help / Have Questions?

HD security cameras

You can learn more about all of our AI security cameras here. If I can help you with any questions related to this article or anything related to video surveillance systems, please email me here.

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