AI Security Camera Person Intrusion Detection Setup

Watch this video to see how I setup the person detection / intrusion alarm using the Viewtron AI security camera and NVR installed at my house.

I recently upgraded my home security camera system from a BNC system to an all Viewtron IP based AI system. The only reason that I made this change was to take advantage of the AI software (artificial intelligence) built into these systems. Unfortunately, CCTV and HD CCTV cameras (BNC / coax) are not capable of these advanced analytics features. In my testing, the object detection ability of Viewtron AI cameras is so much better than traditional video motion detection used by analog coax systems.

I do want to make sure to mention the following. If you do not need object detection, our Viewtron HD BNC cameras do capture video just as clear as IP cameras. For example, a 4K BNC camera will record video just as clear as a 4K IP camera. And, we plan on supplying both BNC and IP solutions going forward. If you already have invested in coax cabling, a BNC system still might be the best choice for you. We can help you decide.

If you have any questions or I can help in any way, please let me know.