IR Night Vision + Car Detection AI Software w/ IP Camera

Watch this video to see the IR night vision testing and car detection capability (AI software) of the Viewtron IP-A4BL IP camera. The camera is installed on the front of CCTV Camera Pros building to help monitor our parking lot. To demonstrate the AI software of this camera, I temporarily setup an intrusion zone around our front two parking spaces. Using the AI software that is built into this camera and the Viewtron IP camera NVR that it is connected to, I am able to generate an alarm when a vehicle enters those spaces. I could also set this up to be on a specific schedule.

You may also be interested to see this video demo of long distance car detection with a 4K AI security camera. You can watch all of our Viewtron AI security camera video demos here.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Mike from CCTV Camera Pros here. I came here early this morning, when it was dark out, to do some nighttime infrared testing with our IP-A4BL IP camera that you see mounted there behind me.

I did some daytime testing on that camera and I’ll link to that video down below, but I wanted to do some nighttime IR testing and also some nighttime AI testing with vehicle detection. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the live security camera view from the Viewtron NVR that the IP camera’s connected to. And you’re going to see me pull up here in a minute. Obviously, the camera’s in IR Night Vision mode, it’s in Black and White. And I think my headlights turned the camera to, yeah, Color Daytime mode temporarily because my headlights illuminated the area a bit. When I turned my headlights off, you’ll see that the IR Night Vision of the camera’s engaged again, and it turns back to Black and White. Please note, this is not a zero light environment. Our parking lot does have some streetlights in it, but this is a good real-world test, as most commercial areas do have some ambient lighting or some streetlights as this does.

Next, I’m going to demonstrate the AI software that’s built into this IP camera and the NVR. I have the AI visualization enabled in the live camera view right now. And when I do that, it’ll show you the objects that are being detected on real time. I’m going to pause the video. Notice the existing vehicles that are in view, they’re outlined in purple. And then, notice this rectangle that’s around our first two parking spaces here. That’s my intrusion zone.

When a vehicle enters that zone, it’s going to trigger an alarm and then you’ll see a snapshot appear in that small window on the right each time that occurs. In a second, you’re going to see this pickup truck enter that intrusion zone of our parking spots. And when the truck breaks the plane of the intrusion zone, the intrusion zone turns red, and the event is detected and the snapshots appear on the right. Something to note, notice the person at the top of the screen is being detected by the software. Even though he’s not in the intrusion zone, the software is going to show all the objects detected on the screen. Now, I’m obviously well into the intrusion zone when I parked my car, and you can see the outline of the intrusion zone was turning red when I broke the plane of it. And the event was documented via the snapshots that appear in that small window on the right.

The last thing I want to do is show you how easy it is to play back one of the events. Using the mouse and the cursor that you see on the screen, I’m going to click on the Play button on one of the thumbnail images of an event that occurred. When I click on that Play button, it’s playing back the event where the pickup truck was detected. And I’m just going to keep letting the video play because I pulled in right after this and you’ll be able to see the video playback of my car pulling in as well.

And something that’s interesting that I wanted to mention is as I was making this, the sun was just starting to come up. And the camera turned from Nighttime IR mode to Daytime mode. It stays into Daytime mode right here. It’s still very dark. You can’t tell from this video footage, but it’s still quite dark right now. Sunrise barely just broke at 7:00 AM. And you could see it, it’s a nice color image even in real low light conditions. When I’m done, I can click that X in the lower right-hand corner, that returns me to the live camera view. And I can close out the Visualization mode and go back to multi-camera view.

I want to mention a little bit more about this camera and this setup before we wrap up. First of all, the IP-A4BL that we used here is a 4 megapixel Viewtron AI camera. It’s an IP camera. We have it hardwired to a Viewtron NVR located in our office. Obviously, that camera is weatherproofed, and it’s IP67 weatherproof rated. Holds up great in wet environments like we have down here in South Florida. Holds up good in cold environments as well. You can also use it indoors. No problem. If you are going to install it outdoors, I do recommend using that optional junction box that you see that we used in this installation.

The IR night vision is rated at 30 meters or about 90 feet. The effective range is up to about 90 feet for the IR night vision. The 3.6 millimeter lens is fixed, and it’ll give you about a 90 degree field of view. We also have a 4 megapixel AI camera Bullet style like that with a motorized zoom lens, 2.8 to 12 millimeter, that I’ll link too down in the Description.

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to email me any time. I can be reached at

If you want to learn more about this camera and all the Viewtron AI cameras, please visit Thank you for watching.