Can a License Plate Reader Camera Work in the Rain?

Check out this video of our Viewtron license plate reader camera capturing plates in the rain. You can learn more about Viewtron LPR camera systems here.

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LPR Camera Videos

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Video Transcript

Do license plate recognition cameras work when it’s raining out? Hey everyone, Mike from CCTV Camera Pros here. It’s been super rainy and wet these past couple days down here in South Florida, but it gave me an opportunity to test our Viewtron LPR camera when it was raining out. Let’s take a look.

The video is paused here at first. Watch as this garbage truck approaches the LPR camera, the license plate is detected and displayed in the target detection area on the right-hand side of the screen. I can click on the event on the right to pull up the plate from the database and you can see a photo snapshot of the license plate very clearly. You can also see that the automatic number plate recognition software was successful in identifying all of the characters on the plate. The ANPR software is built into the Viewtron LPR camera and NVR.

Next, I’m going to pull up all of the license plate recognition events that were detected today using that license plate recognition camera. So on the intelligent analytics screen, I’m going to select the Viewtron LPR camera. And then under event, I’m going to select license plate detection and then successful recognition and strange plate and click search. That’ll bring up a snapshot of all the license plates that were detected today. And here’s the one that was just detected on that garbage truck. If I click on that thumbnail up top, the playback will happen in that small preview screen in the lower left.

But if I press this playback button it opens up the video player in full screen. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to rewind the recorded video surveillance so it shows the garbage truck entering our plaza. And I’m just going to play back the entire clip from when the garbage truck enters the plaza until it comes into the license plate recognition zone. I’ll just put the camera on full screen and we’ll watch as the truck approaches the LPR camera. And the detection occurred about right here, and I’m going to pause the video there so you can see the video playback. In addition to the snapshot that goes into the database, obviously, we also record video of the license plate recognition event.

Guys, as you just saw, rain does not impact the performance of these Viewtron LPR cameras, and that’s really good news because it rains a lot down here in South Florida. If you have any questions about any of this, you can reach out to me anytime. I could be reached directly at If you want to see additional license plate recognition camera videos in daytime non-rainy condition, I also have nighttime LPR video demos on the website. Please visit Thank you for watching.