Using CCTV Cameras and uStream for Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video CameraLive video streaming over the Internet has become extremely popular over the last few years and continues to attract more and more businesses, organizations, and people that want to promote products, services, events using live video over the Internet. It is becoming very typical for businesses to embed live video into their website and even make live video available over mobile cell phones, such as the Apple iPhone or Android phones. Using a service such as uStream or LiveStream allows users to broadcast their video using a Windows or MAC computer and an analog camera, such as a CCTV camera (aka surveillance cameras). CCTV cameras have become a popular choice to use with live streaming services because of their low price point and the availability of many different styles of cameras to choose from for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Update! 1080p CCTV cameras can now be used to stream live video. Check out this recent article on how-to use multiple HD CCTV cameras to live stream video on YouTube and Facebook.

Here is what you will need to use a CCTV camera with uStream (or other live streaming video service such as LiveStream or

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